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The SneakerHead raffle site where everyone wins.

I started this website because I have aways been told to do what I love and I love sneakers I'm a TRUE SneakerHead if you would. So why not create something where I can make a living, give away expensive sneakers at an affordable price, feature blogs, comment sections, and review videos for my fellow sneaker heads. Everyone wins.

What this website is is a lottery or raffle website for all your favorite sneakers.

For now i will raffle off one or two types of the most popular shoes in every recommended size, chosen by YOU once every week until the website grows. [You can recommend shoes in the (More>Contact Us) Section, be sure to add your shoe size.]

You can also use the contact us section to send reviews and tell us what needs to be fixed or added to our website. Please do so, your thoughts really help.

Each raffle will have 100-200 slots depending on the popularity of the shoe based on you. You will be able to purchase however many slots you want, the more you purchase the greater your chances will be of winning each slot will cost $5-$10.